SenseAbility Course, 3 June 2021

Pauline Courses

The Sound Learning Centre's last SenseAbility course for parents, teachers and health or education professionals was successfully delivered on line, by Zoom, on Thursday, 3 June 2021.
This popular course gives a comprehensive introduction on the role of the senses and movement in a child's development and practical knowledge on how related educational problems can be combated.

To increase awareness of how much our sensory systems influence performance is why this course was developed.

Some previous feedback includes:

  • “An action packed day”
  • “So thought provoking and a real eye-opener”
  • “This puts so many things I was sensing through my instinct into place”
  • “I can’t wait to get home and discover my child”
  • “This is only the beginning”
  • “Thanks so much, you were superb!”
  • “I am loving this so far.” 
  • “You have blown my mind away.” 
  • “You're so very knowledgeable about this stuff.” 
  • “This is so useful.”
  • “I really want to implement this.”
  • “Thank you so much, this has been a Masterclass!” 
  • “Thanks so much, you were superb!”
  • “Spread, spread, spread, information about this work”

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