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SenseAbility Course, 3 June 2021

Pauline Courses

A online practical course for parents, teachers, health and education professionals that will show you how to help a child reach their full potential, eliminating possible learning difficulties even before they emerge.
First class introduction to the importance of the sensory systems and how they affect our performance.
Understand how the senses and other functions impact on a child’s ability to learn and develop.
Learn how to evaluate and track progress.
Get the tools to support a child in reaching their full potential.

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SenseAbility: Future Dates To Be Announced Shortly

Phil Courses

​Our last SenseAbility course for parents and carers was extremely well received. This course gives a comprehensive introduction on the role of the senses and movement in a child's development and practical knowledge on how educational problems can be combated. Dates for future courses will be announced shortly.

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